Before After Picture

The pic on the left was me in Feb 2014. I was 125-128lbs and thought that my body was stubborn and I would never be less than 120lbs again. I was eating pretty healthy, in the gym 4-5x a week, and I LOVED beer (still do, haha). The pic on the right is me in May 2015. I started my journey in November (during Thanksgiving, yes) and thanks to my amazing nutritional program, I now range between 110-113lbs, dropped 2 clothing sizes, eat MUCH better, drink less, and only hit the gym 3-4x a week. Do I indulge sometimes? OF COURSE! I’ll never turn down a Mexican dinner or a cold craft beer. However I know that around these indulgences I’m putting the RIGHT nutrients in my body and am staying within my limits so I don’t feel guilty when these instances turn up. I’ve successfully kept this weight off for 7 months now. I feel amazing and am READY for bikini season!

Before After Image     Before After Image

In 2012 I fell off a motorcycle and sustained several injuries. Before this happened, I was an avid runner and in pretty well shape. I was unable to run or do much of any exercising for almost 8 months which caused me to gain almost 28 pounds. I was having an extremely hard time losing the weight and had zero energy to work out again. I met with Scott Aaron, who was then my boss at a local gym where I worked part time and also my now friend and business partner, who introduced me to this great program. My husband and I both started the program. We stopped ordering out, we learned how to eat better and saved money at the same time. I gained energy and motivation and lost a substantial amount of weight. I still follow the program and enjoy this new lifestyle.


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