How to Enroll a New Person

Enrolling a new person in Isagenix

  1. First listen to the enrolling audio:

Print out and New Associate Enrollment-Form and fill out all the necessary info:
Make sure you always have their username as first name and last name combined and the password being 123456 so for example:


2. Then log into your back office and click enroll new member, choose your country, and go to bottom left or bottom right in the RECOMMENDED SPOT to enroll your new associate. Never place people on the inside legs that is why you always click the bottom left or bottom right tab.

Once you have 1 personally enrolled on your bottom left and one on your bottom right you become a CONSULTANT!!
You can always refer to You plus 2 Them plus 2 to learn how to build your business quickly.

3. Once enrolled you will send a Welcome Email and cc your coach and one other person on our team for accountability purposes .
This makes the new cleanser or business builder feel like they are part of team right away. The subject matter of your email should always be “Welcome to Team Healthy and Free”

4. After the welcome email is sent, add them to our Transform Your Life Cleanse Group and welcome them, and if they are also a business builder, add them and welcome into the Team Healthy and Free Business group. You can also ask them for permission to tag them personally on fb and welcome them to your team and you are excited to be assisting them with their health and wellness goals.

Make sure that we are all friends with our teammates. Tagging them in our cleanse or business group will allow all of our team to connect and be able to like and comment on what they post.

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